Visiting Privileges

Periodically, providers will need to be credentialed to practice at UCSF Hospitals & clinics for specific procedures or patients. For instances such as these, our office can credential and privilege providers for short periods of time without a medical staff appointment.

How to apply for visiting privileges:

To apply for Visiting Privileges at UCSF Medical Center, please follow the steps below:

     Step 1: Download the Visiting Privileges Application Form.

     Step 2: Click on "PRIVILEGE / COMPETENCY," download the Privileges form,    circle the privileges you request, and sign and date.

     Step 3: Review our Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.

     Step 4: Submit the complete application and privileges to the Department you are applying for privileges.

     Step 5: The department chair reviews the application and, after approval, submits it to the Medical Staff Office for processing.