Standardized Procedures (APPs)
Standardized Procedures (SPs) have been drafted, reviewed, and approved in order to ensure that patient care administered across the entire enterprise is delivered consistently and uniformly. Please find the comprehensive list of SPs below for reference.
Ablation with Electrocautery
Abscess Identification with the Use of Bedside Ultrasound in Adults
Alteplase use for management of pleural and abdominal effusions (Adult,Peds)
Anal Dilation (Neonatal,Peds)
Arterial Line Placement (Adult)
Bedside Assist For Robotic Surgery (Adult, Peds)
Bone Marrow Aspiration (Adult)
Bone Marrow Aspiration Biopsy (Peds)
Botulinum Toxin Therapy (Adult, Peds)
Bronchoscopy (Adult,Peds)
Cardiac Stress - Dobutamine Infusion (Adult)
Cardiac Stress Testing Myocardial Perfusion - Pharmacological Infusion with A2a agonist agents (Adult)
Cardiac Stress Testing (Adult)
Cautery of Granulation Tissue (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Central Line Placement and Temporary Nontunneled Central Venous Dialysis Catheter Insertion (Adult Peds)
Central venous catheter removal, tunneled (Adult, Peds)
Chest Tube Placement (Adult)
Chest Tube Removal (Adult, Peds)
Closing a Wound (Adult, Peds)
Colposcopy (Adult, Peds)
Cryosurgery (Adult, Peds)
Cystoscopy (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Diagnostic Head and Neck Ultrasonography
Drain Removal (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Ductal Lavage (Adult, Peds)
Durable Ventricular Assist Device Management
Dysplasia Assessment and Treatment (Adult, Peds)
Endometrial Biopsy (Adult, Peds)
Endotracheal intubation (Adult)
Episiotomy and Laceration Repair (Adult, Peds)
Evaluating Bladder Volume with the use of Bedside Ultrasound in Adults
EVD Removal (Adult, Peds)
Femoral Venous Blood Draw (Adult, Peds)
Fine Needle Aspiration (Adult, Peds)
Gastrostomy (non-PEG) Replacement (Neonatal, Peds)
Gastrostomy (PEG) tube replacement (Neonatal, Peds)
GCRC Anal Squamous IRC (Adult, Peds)
Greater Occipital Nerve (GON) Injection
Hepatic Arterial Infusion of Chemo (Adult, Peds)
High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA) (Adult, Peds)
Iliac Crest Bone Graft (Adult, Peds)
Implantable Cardiac Loop Recorder Monitor (Adult)
Incision and Drainage (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Infrared Coagulation Therapy (Adult, Peds)
Injection of corticosteroid into granulation tissue (Neonatal, Peds)
Instrumentation Removal (Adult, Peds)
Intra-articular Injection (Adult, Peds)
Intralesional Biotherapy (Adult, Peds)
Intraventricular Chemo Via Ommaya Reservoir (Adult, Peds)
Intrauterine Contraception (Adult, Peds)
Joint Aspiration (Adult, Peds)
Lap Band Port Access (Adult, Peds)
Lingual Frenotomy (Neonatal, Peds)
Liver Biopsy (Adult, Peds)
Lumbar Drain Insertion (Adult Peds)
Lumbar Puncture (Adult Peds)
Lumbar Puncture-Intrathecal Baclofen (Adult Peds)
Lumbar Puncture-Intrathecal Chemotherapy (Adult Peds)
Lumbar Subarachnoid Catheter Removal (Adult Peds)
Management Of Antineoplastic Therapies For Non-Oncologic Indications (Adult, Peds)
Management Of Antineoplastic Therapies For Oncologic Indications (Adult, Peds)
Medication Instillation into EVDs (Adults Peds)
Moderate Sedation (Adult Neonatal Peds)
Myringotomy (Adult, Peds)
Nasopharyngoscopy and Nasal Endoscopy (Adult, Peds)
Neonatal Chest Tube Removal (Neonatal)
Neonatal Exchange Transfusion (Neonatal)
Neonatal Intubation (Neonatal)
Neonatal Lumbar Puncture (Neonatal)
Neonatal Paracentesis (Neonatal)
Neonatal Pediatric Chest Tube Placement (Neonatal, Pediatric)
Neonatal Pediatric Intraosseous Line Placement (Neonatal, Pediatric)
Neonatal Pediatric Peripheral Arterial Line Insertion (Neonatal, Pediatric)
Neonatal Pediatric Thoracentesis (Neonatal, Pediatric)
Neonatal Umbilical Vessel Catheterization (Neonatal)
Onabotulinum Toxin Type A (BOTOX) Injections (Adult)
Otomicroscopy (Adult, Peds)
Pediatric Endotracheal Intubation (Pediatric)
Percutaneous Placement or Replacement of catheter or tube suture (Adult, Peds)
Peripheral Intravenous Access with the use of Bedside Ultrasound in Adults
Peritoneal Paracentesis (Adult, Peds)
Programming Codman Hakim PS Medical STRATA Programmable Shunt Valves (Adult, Peds)
Radial Artery Harvest (Adult)
Reprogramming and Refilling Intrathecal Medication Delivery Pumps
Ordering Restraints For Medical - Surgical Care (Adult, Peds)
Registred Nurse First Assist (Adult, Peds)
Rubber Band Ligation For Hemorrhoids (Adult, Peds)
Saphenous Vein Harvesting (Adult)
Sedated Pedi Lung Function Testing (Neonatal, Peds)
Skin Biopsy (Adult, Peds)
Spinous Process Removal (Adult, Peds)
Stem Cell Infusion (Adult, Peds)
Stoller Afferent Nerve Stimulator (SANS)(Adult, Peds)
Subcutaneous Medication Implant Insertion (Adult Peds)
Subcutaneous Medication Implant Removal (Adult Peds)
Subdural Evacuating Port System Drain Removal (Adult, Peds)
Surgical Incision (Adult, Peds)
Temp Pacer Wire Removal (Adult, Peds)
Thoracentesis (Adult)
Tracheostomy Replacement (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Transthoracic Line Removal (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Trigger Point Injections (Adult, Peds)
Urodynamic Assessment (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Ventricular Septal Defect Closure Assist (Neonatal, Peds)
Vulvar or Perineal Perianal Biopsy (Adult, Peds)
Withdrawing CSF from Ventricular Shunt or Reservoir (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)
Wound Debridement (Adult, Neonatal, Peds)