UC-Me is UCSF's online credentialing and privileging portal for medical staff appointments.

To access UC-Me, please use the link below:

UC-Me Help and Frequently Asked Questions:

Reset my password?

You can reset your password here on the UC-Me landing page.

Forgot my User ID! [ aka Provider ID ]

Please see the right-hand side of the UC-Me site - we will send your Provider ID to the econtact e-mail we have on record.

I don't have a Provider ID!

New applicants to our Medical Staff have provider IDs assigned when they receive their application to fill out.  Prior to this, no Provider ID has been generated.  Please note: Your provider ID is a 5 or 6 digit code and is not the same as you UCSF Employee ID.

My application was incomplete!

No problem!  Our credentials analysts will e-mail you requesting any outstanding documentation after they review your file.  Alternatively, you can fax items to 415-514-7445.

Where do I fill out Health Plan Enrollment forms?

Our Health Plan Enrollment forms will be sent out after you submit your UC-Me application.  These are paper forms that you will receive a separate e-mail about.  Since they need to be signed with wet ink, we cannot process them on UC-Me.  

What other functionalities does UC-Me have?

Please log-in to view the documentation.