To comply with federal DEA standards for the electronic prescriptive authority of controlled substances for UCSF providers, our office has created a process to ensure a provider's identity prior to the authorization of electronic prescribing. Below is our procedure to complete the ID proofing process for UCSF affiliated providers electronic prescribing of controlled substances (ePCS).

Process for UCSF Credentialed Providers

Below is the process for ID proofing UCSF-credentialed providers who possess clinical privileges at UCSF-licensed facilities or are credentialed by the UCSF Office of Medical Affairs and Governance. 

1. Verifier section of the ID Proofing form or the UCSF Affiliate ID Proofing form mut be completed by a UCSF faculty or staff in managerial/supervisory position, including your name, title, UCSF employee ID number, date, and attestation signature. The verifier needs to be someone in a managerial/supervisory position and may not be a provider's assistant or be a provider attempting to ID proofing themself. Incomplete ID proofing requests will not be processed until complete information is provided on appropriate request form(s).

Please note:

  • Validation must be completed with a visual examination of the physical government issued ID. The verification process must reconcile the ID presented in order to ensure that the person presenting the ID matches the photo printed on the ID.
  • Include each provider’s name and DEA certificate number (or a photocopy of the DEA certificate).

2. Make a photocopy of the ID presented (for each provider requiring ID proofing).

3. Email the completed ID Proofing form or the UCSF Affiliate ID Proofing form to [email protected], and the photocopies of the ID(s) to the Office of Medical Affairs and Governance. Faxing to 415-885-7445 is also a submission option but less preferred.

4. Secure shred your copies of the ID proofing form and copies of IDs once the Office of Medical Affairs and Governance confirms receipt.

Process for Non-UCSF Credentialed Providers

Below is the process for ID proofing non-UCSF credentialed providers who hold an active APeX record and require electronic prescribing of controlled substances (ePCS) for their UCSF affiliation (e.g. By the Bay Health).

1. Coordinate with UCSF Office of Medical Affairs and Governance (OMAG):

  • Email [email protected] requesting an appointment to come in person to 2001 The Embarcadero, Suite 1500 in San Francisco. 
  • Your valid government-issued ID should be emailed in advance of arriving in person. (Please bring your valid government-issued ID and DEA certificate number to your appointment).
  • Please ensure you have a valid, DEA cetificate with a California-based address listed. Emailing a copy of the current DEA Certificate in advance is preferred.

Appropriate ID Documentation

  1. One (1) type of state or federal government issued ID is required.  It must:
  • Be valid (expiration date in the future)
  • Have the provider’s first and last names
  • Have a picture of the provider
  1. Acceptable forms of state or federal government ID include the following:
  • California state-issued driver’s license or ID – preferred
  • US Passport
  • Other United States issued driver’s license or ID
  • Global Entry Card
  • Federal Military ID

When ID proofing is completed, please wait for an email from DUO Security. If an email is not received in 1 week, contact the IT service desk at 415-514-4100.