Provider Look-up & Verification
We receive many requests from just about any organization you can imagine. A majority of the requests we receive include affiliation verification requests or simply to verify that a provider is with UCSF. We've listed a variety of resources below that should be helpful to make those determinations.

Provider Verifications

affiliation: medical staff verifications

e-verify Letters: Confirm Hospital Privileges


All UCSF staff members

Find a Doctor

Provider Lookup By Specialty

Privilege LooKup*

(*internal to UCSF only)

*Please Note - we are unable to verify affiliation information for the following separate organizations:

Verify External Information

The below list comprises information not generated or updated by UCSF, but is frequently accessed and used by our department and our external contacts:

State of California Medical License Lookup (Breeze)

National Provider Idenfitication Registry (NPI)