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November Spotlights

OMAG Halloween Party!


Costume Contest PRIZE Winners:

Most Scary - Clarita Cevantes

Most Classic - Nick Wong

Most Creative - Stephen Lee

Best OVERALL - Kosal Bo

OMAG Spotlights!

Winner of the website naming contest:          

Katti Yang



Shrink your Inbox!

OMAG Spotlight on Email Etiquette

As OMAG grows, it seems our Outlook inbox does too.  Many times we're communicating with new contacts outside of our department and UCSF, and it's important to follow email etiquette as applicable.


10 Rules for Email Etiquette

1-Use a clear, professional subject line

2-Proofread every email you send

3-Write your email before entering the recipient's email address

4-Double-check that you have the correct recipient

5-Ensure you CC all relevant recipients (it could appear unprofessional to exclude relevant people from an email chain).

6-You don't always have to Reply All (Be kind - most people don't want to read an email chain from 20 people that has nothing to do with them)

7-Reply to your emails (replying is good etiquette, and if you can't answer at the time you receive the email, at least acknowledge receipt and  let the person know that a full answer is forthcoming)

8-Include a signature block (it's professional to include your full name, title, company & contact information) ****

9-Use the appropriate level of formality

10-Keep emails brief and to the point



OMAG Spotlight on the World Cup 2022

GOOOOOL !! Hear us ROAR! World Cup Qatar 2022 is here!


From 11/20/22 to 12/18/22 the globe will be cheering, or sighing, for their country teams.  Whether you like soccer or not, it would be impossible to not know this event is happening, so here are a few links.


 For more info: FIFA website 


Because of the 10-hour difference (Qatar is 10 hours ahead of SF), many of the live games will be early morning; but if we have enough OMAG interest, we can consider meeting for brunch on some of the weekend games!



To watch at home, please check your local cable listings.  Telemundo and other TV channels like Fox KTVU will show live games for free.


SF Funcheap also has a guide on local, outdoor SF viewing (giant screens at City Hall & Union Square). 

Click here for more info