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OMAG Committee Rush Event 2023

Welcome to the OMAG Staff Engagement's information post for the 2023 OMAG Rush Hour Event!

We are excited about this event and the eventuality of welcoming our new members to our beloved committee. 

Below is the information you will need to help you make the best committee decision. 

Of course, we hope you choose the OMAG Staff Engagement Committee, but we also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our sibling committees. We are all committed to the excellence of UCSF, our department, and you, our OMAG family.

So go committee shopping and have FUN!

Staff Engagement Committee

Current team

Celso, Vania, Katti, Nick, Clarita, and Camille

Purpose/ Goal

Create an environment that values and supports employee engagement and promotes a healthy department by developing internal programs and events for OMAG employees.

Roles and Responsibilities

OMAG Advisory Council (AC) Mentor

  • Support and offer expertise to the committee.

Committee Chair

  • Create and confirm the meeting agenda.
  • Lead and moderate the meeting: Call to order, direct the discussions, keep conversations on track, be cognizant of time, clarify deliverables, etc.
  • Ensure the committee carries out its responsibilities and deliverables and effectively communicates throughout OMAG. 
  • Oversee the tasks and requirements of the committee and provide functional expertise.
  • Maintain all committee-related documents.
  • Work with R&D associate(s).


  • Meeting minutes/documentation: Track attendance, summarize/memorialize discussions, clearly define deliverables, disseminate minutes to committee members, store minutes on a shared drive, etc.
  • Meeting schedule: Work with the committee chair to confirm meeting dates/times, send out meeting notifications (confirming or canceling), reserve room, send Zoom invites (if applicable), etc.
  • Work with R&D associate(s).


  • General Committee financial oversight.
  • Budget: Track balances, create/maintain reports, etc.
  • Expenses: Submit reimbursements, track and maintain records, etc.
  • Work with R&D associate(s).

Action Manager

  • Oversee and follow up on all members’ assigned tasks and responsibilities.
  • Work with R&D associate(s)

Research & Development Associate(s)

  • Research, organize, and prepare committee deliverables in conjunction with all committee members.



Meets monthly; average 4-5 hours of individual monthly work depending on the deliverable.


OMAG Committee Perk Outline

Each committee has a budget allotted to them each fiscal year. The committee treasurer will create a budget request to be submitted with the department's main budget request.

The committee can use the funds awarded to fund their perks and other initiatives.





Committee branded products

Any manner of products can be made for each committee. The committee will work with the treasurer to ensure they can afford any request.

Gift Cards

Peets, Starbucks, UCSF Store, etc.


X number of free parking passes per year for the office garage


Massages, meditation, etc.


Bowling Night

It can be committee events or awarded to members based on a criterion that the committee devises.

Warrior/Giants Game (Heritage Night)


Urban Putt-Putt


Comedy Night


Wine tasting in Napa or Sonoma


Paint/Cook/Pottery and Wine Events


Movie night/Movie tickets



Happy Hour

These are events specifically for the committee to bond and spend time together outside of a work environment.

Lunch/Dinner as a committee


5K race or walking events


FSAP, Asian Art Museum, etc.



Custom Committee Champion Jacket

Three years of consecutive service on a committee will be awarded with this special prize.