OMAG Recognizes


All too often we get too caught up with day-to-day tasks and narrowing our focuses on projects or workflows. This is our opportunity to pause and reflect upon how thankful we are for our fellow colleagues. 

The voting has begun! Our office is currently taking nominations for the recently unveiled, #OMAGoodness awards. These include the following categories:

  • Rock Star!! - He/she regularly stands out as a superstar or has shown his/her heavy metal in a recent project or task. This is a high five and belly bump to someone that rocks!
  • Communicator Extraordinaire - This is someone who knows what to say and when to say it. Maybe he/she helped you with an email or presentation. Perhaps he/she helped to put words and direction to your fantastic idea. He/she could have even simply said the perfect thing at the perfect time to make you feel better.
  • Lifesaver - What’s that? You need help? This person lent a hand when you needed it most. Maybe you asked them directly or maybe they just overheard your need. Either way, they stepped in and helped out.
  • Thinking Outside the Box – When the process isn’t working. When the problem just keeps happening. This person turned the typical on its ear. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective or a new way of looking at something in those instances you need to think outside the box.

We will have the results posted soon after the nominations are cast and the votes are tallied!

Congratulations to the recipients of these awards and the runner-up honorable mentions!!

  • Rock Star!! - Eric Chen!!
  • Communicator Extraordinaire - Stephen Lee, with an honorable mention for Ayana Shorter!
  • Lifesaver - Katti Yang, with an honorable mention for Eric Chen!
  • Thinking Outside the Box – Mercedes Campos, with an honorable mention for Eric Chen!

Thank you to everyone who participated and recognized their colleagues for the excellent work they do!